Welcome to Freemitization - this is our demo site of a freemium video module with revenue sharing capabilities for Web Monetization by Vivid IoV Labs.

Users without Coil

If you do not have Coil enabled the video will play with advertising included - this is the common business model for Web 2.0 where creators receive a small portion of the advertising revenue. We suggest upgrading your web experience by getting Coil here!

Coil users

If you have Coil enabled, you will not see advertising and will be able to view the video without interruption - this improvement on the user experience is made possible by the content creator receiving the content revenue directly as a payment stream from the Web Monetization Provider.

A piece of the pie

We have also integrated the probabilistic revenue sharing method to enable content revenue to be shared with multiple recipients. We use an Ethereum smart contract to store the recipient and share allocation information, and connect to the smart contract from our backend service.

View From A Blue Moon © Brainfarm

Thank you for checking out the demo, we would be grateful for any feedback and development suggestions by completing this form or by contacting us at

What next?

One additional area we would like to implement is integrating the same Freemitization model for audio-only content (eg. Podcasts, radio streams).

Growing the ecosystem

With this integration we believe more users will grasp the benefits of Web Monetization as they are not only receiving a better user experience but they are also directly supporting the content creator.

This can help to onboard more people to the ecosystem as it is utilising their familiar web experience with the option to upgrade for a more fulfilling user experience without ads.

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